January 13, 2006

The beer-and-popcorn saga continues

Angry relates an email from a reader detailing the goings-on at an all-candidates meeting in Nepean last night:

. . . Liberal candidate Lee Farnworth responded to a pregnant woman's question about Scott Reid's "beer and popcorn" comment by admitting that Reids' [sic] comments were inappropriate and that she personally did not agree with the statement. She then put her foot in it by suggesting that if you're lucky the Conservative tax credit was only enough for a donut and coffee . . . a Tim Horton's coffee, "not even the Second Cup or Starbucks' kind."

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Sheesh, she makes it sound like a bad thing.

In any case, as Angry points out, this woman was looking for an apology or a clarification or something about Scott Reid's comments that parents cannot be trusted to know how to use money in the best interests of their children - a condescending, cynical assertion on the part of the Liberals, to be sure. (But why should they stop now, just when they're on a roll?) Instead, Farnsworth turns the opportunity to save face into a chance to take a cheap shot at the Conservatives. (Note also the implicit class envy in the statement: poor people drink Timmy's coffee, while the well-to-do middle class [under a Liberal government] get to sip lattes at Bucks.)

Is it any wonder the Liberal campaign is self-destructing? Pollsters are now starting to project a Conservative win Monday after next. A lot can happen in the next 10 days, but at this rate, the 2006 Liberals will be like the 1993 PCs. I'd hand out a few DIM BULBs du jour, but it would be like trumpeting the arrival of Saturday after Friday at this stage.

(Additional H/T: Captain's Quarters.)