February 10, 2005

Are you held hostage by the Wally Duncaster Entity?

Once again, the Fightin' Fundamentalist Forum is under seige by the net.abuser I call the Wally Duncaster Entity, of whom I blogged a few months ago.

Duncaster, a notorious spammer and troll of many Christian forums, is immediately recognizable by his posting style, his sometimes hilarious misspellings, and his misuse of punctuation. He usually posts massive articles he has cut and pasted from someone else's Web site (and if he gives them credit, it's probably by accident). Often his sources contradict one another, suggesting that he is a little on the clueless side. Subject matter generally includes missives about Billy Graham (whom Duncaster hates with a special passion), Baptist pastors getting themselves in hot water, or the apostle Paul's alleged chauvinism.

Responses to the Duncaster Entity are frequently met with more verbiage, which doesn't really seem to have anything to do with your own point, suggesting it, too, is simply another cut-and-paste macro. If you continue to press him on a point, he will become belligerent and abusive and may resort to profanity. Worst of all, he simply never goes away. Eventually someone with admin privileges will kick him off, but soon he will return under a different userid. I have noted his use of the following aliases on various boards, blog comments, etc. There may be more:

  • alex brant
  • cheerful
  • David meyer
  • eaglewings
  • GMTaylor
  • great grace 2
  • Josephine Melrose
  • lava rock
  • New Day
  • Pastor Truth
  • redeem
  • Rick Meyers
  • sound of heaven
  • Susan Davies
  • tellall
  • True Grey
  • wally
  • Wally Duncaster
  • wise guy
  • wise seeker

Note, of course, that some of these names are quite common. If you're not sure, a little googling on "wally duncaster" might help you.

If you are a board admin, and you see the Entity bothering you, my suggestion is that you exercise the nuclear option immediately. Ban the userid. Make note of the poster's IP address (it usually belongs to an ISP somewhere in southwestern Ontario). Ban that too; it will at least prevent him from returning immediately.

Good luck. You're gonna need it.