February 22, 2005

And now . . . this - Feb. 22/05

Something seems to be going around

A suspect with no pants or underwear on broke his ankles trying to flee from Ripon Police Wednesday.

Christopher M. Studer, 30, of Manteca, was apprehended on the roof of a shed and transported to San Joaquin County Hospital at around 9 p.m. Sergeant Steve Merchant said that the Ripon Police Department will be forwarding charges to the District Attorney's Office.

The entire affair began when Ripon police officer Scott King noticed a black Mazda Protege around 8 p.m. that had a defective headlamp and had made an illegal left turn.

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There can't be anything more embarrassing under the circumstances than being named clearly and unambiguously.

Meanwhile, across the continent in Philly:

Police chased a naked man through the city's slushy streets early Monday after he allegedly stripped off his bathrobe, bit an officer, then stole a police cruiser in an attempt to escape.

The man was captured after he smashed the cruiser into several parked cars, abandoned the vehicle and tried to get away in his bare feet.

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And down in Florida, Mr. Tasker wins the trifecta:

A drunk Monroe County prosecutor thought it would be funny to run naked across a parking lot and hop into a friend's car, authorities said. But the joke was on him when he jumped into the wrong car and was arrested.

Albert Tasker, who works for the Monroe County State Attorney's Office, told authorities he had been drinking with friends and thought it would be funny to shed his clothes and run to a friend's car in the parking lot of a Key West motel, according to a police report.

But Tasker apparently got in the back seat of a car occupied by a woman waiting for her boyfriend. The woman screamed and her boyfriend appeared. After the woman called 911, a Key West police officer found Tasker in the middle of the parking lot.

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