February 05, 2005

And now . . . this - Feb. 5/05

Heck, bad art should offend everyone

A Swedish museum dedicated to world culture has removed an erotic painting plastered with verses from the Muslim holy book, the Koran, from an exhibition about AIDS after Muslims complained it was obscene.

Jette Sandahl, director of the World Culture Museum, which opened in Gothenburg a month ago, said on Wednesday that the painting by an Arab artist living in France was replaced by another less offensive one.

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Yeah, but if it were a picture of the Virgin Mary plastered with elephant crap, it would be high art and censoring it would be a crime against humanity. (No, wait, divine intervention took care of that already.)

Here's the "art" in question (Sexual imagery warning). I'm with the Muslims on taste grounds alone.

(H/T: Michelle Malkin.)

Life imitates the movies

Anyone remember the movie Crazy People?

A Norwegian real estate investor tired of glowing but inaccurate property advertisements opted for blunt honesty in offering an apartment for sale.

"Gruesome two-room apartment with balcony," said the advertisement posted on the Finn.no Internet portal this week. "A very worn-out apartment."

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It's in Revelations, people!

MOURNERS at a funeral were left terrified when a massive block of frozen urine fell from the sky.

People ducked for cover when iced toilet waste the size of a portable television hurtled down as they were leaving the church.

The lump of ice smashed into the building as around 50 mourners were standing outside and narrowly missed them as it scattered across the ground.

It is believed to have come from an aeroplane that was passing overhead.

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Somebody isn't tithing.

Mighty white of 'em

A high-profile white supremacist record company appears to have gone out of business after one co-owner accused the other of having a Hispanic mother. . . .

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, reports that co-owners Byron Calvert, 33, and Anthony A. Pierpont, 38, had a falling out after Calvert saw a copy of Pierpont's birth certificate.

The document, which is posted on the center's Web site, indicates that Pierpont's mother was named Maria Marcola del Prado and she was born in Mexico. Also, Calvert claimed in an online posting that Pierpont had sex with Thai prostitutes.

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"Wait a minute...you's miscegenated! All you boys! Miscegenated! Get me a mike-a-phone!

"These boys is not white! These boys is not white! Hell, they ain't even old-timey! I happen to know, ladies an' gentlemen, this band uh miscreants here, this very evening, they interfered with a lynch mob in the performance of its duties! It's true! I belong to a certain secret society, I don't believe I gotta mention its name, heh-heh. . . Ahem. And these boys here trampled all over our venerated observances an' rituals! Now this here music is over! I aim to - I aim to hand these boys over to - listen to me, folks! Listen to me! These boys desecrated a fiery cross! And they convicts! Fugitives, folks, escaped off the farm! Folks, these boys gotta be remanded to the 'thorities! Criminals! And I happen to have it from the highest authority that that Nigra sold his soul to the devil!

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Is you is or is you ain't my constichuency?"

- Homer Stokes, O Brother, Where Art Thou?