February 21, 2005

And now . . . this - Feb. 21/05

Some people will take anything that isn't tied down

A Norwegian family's swimming pool wasn't just bolted down, it was in the ground, but that was impediment to a band of determined thieves.

When the Nicolaysen family visited their mountain cabin over the weekend, they discovered a big hole in the yard in place of the swimming pool that had been installed 20 years ago. . . .

Police said they had never heard anything like it. They suspected the pool was taken for someone's private use, since there's not a market for 20-year stolen, in-ground pools.

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Once again: Nothing gets by The Authorities.

Kabbalah: Hebrew for "Scientology"TM

"Material Girl" Madonna has been promoted to the highest level that can achieve without being ordained, at the Kabbalah Church.

According to Ratethemusic.com, the singer, who is a staunch follower of the mystical Jewish religion, was promoted to an upper category of Kabbalah followers in a ceremony conducted by the Kabbalah Centre founder Rabbi Berg.

"Her teachers think she has reached the pinnacle of spiritual understanding. To Madonna this is the best achievement of her life," a source said.

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Methinks her teachers have their standards set a lot too low.

Now here's something the world needs

Russian scientists have developed a product that can keep a person drunk, Britain’s Daily Telegraph wrote. . . .

If you take a tablet you need less alcohol to stay drunk, the scientists were quoted by the paper as saying. “RU-21 Red prolongs drunkenness and enhances intoxication,” the company co-founder, Emil Chiabery, born in the ex-Soviet republic of Georgia said.

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Doesn't vodka do the same thing, and wouldn't it taste better?