May 27, 2005

Ransom Radio is on the air

At this very moment:

  1. Winamp is pumping out the greatest "classic" (I feel so old) hits of the 1980s. However, all sound output is being sent to NULL. Instead, it sends it to . . .
  2. [Screenshot]the SHOUTcast DSP plugin, which smashes the bits down to a more manageable rate and sends them to . . .
  3. the SHOUTcast Server, which I then connect to via . . .
  4. iTunes, which assaults my ears with all sorts of New Wavey goodness which is, at the time of writing: "Cars," by Gary Numan.

Is this completely Rube Goldberg, or what?

Actually, this little exercise is just to make sure it works. What I really want to do is try and broadcast over the home LAN . . .