May 06, 2005

The iconoclasts strike again!

Remember Our Lady of the Salt Stain?

A man was arrested for allegedly scrawling "Big Lie" over a stain on an expressway underpass that some believed was an image of the Virgin Mary.

Authorities then painted over the stain because it had been defaced, police spokesman David Banks said Friday.

Authorities charged Victor Gonzalez, 37, of Chicago with criminal damage to state supported property, a misdemeanor. Witnesses had seen him painting the image, Banks said. A telephone listing for Gonzalez could not immediately be found.

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OK, I don't condone vandalism, but frankly, I am having an awful lot of trouble feeling any sympathy for all the saddened "faithful" who have flocked to the "apparition" for the last two weeks. Go clean up all your candles and other assorted Jesus JunkTM and find a better superstition.

The article also mentions the former Clearwater Bank that became the home of another "apparition," Our Lady of the Dirty Windows, which prompted the Shepherds of Christ to buy the building and turn it into a shrine-cum-kitsch-magnet. You'll notice that their Web site doesn't show all that many current pictures of Our Lady, because some kid de-Marified the building with a rock. Score: Iconoclasts 2, Mary 0.