May 02, 2005

Looks like I spoke too soon . . .

when I noted a few weeks ago that "Brother" R. G. Stair doesn't talk about "Planet X" all that much anymore.

I was wrong.

Sometimes, it seems, science is its own worst enemy. About two weeks ago, the news broke that European astronomers using telescopes in Chile and Japan as well as Hubble have photographed an extrasolar planet for the first time. About 120 such planets have been catalogued so far, but their existence has been deduced by irregularities in the motion of the stars they orbit. But the gas giant orbiting the brown dwarf star GQ Lupi, thought to be five times the size of Jupiter, is the first one actually captured by a lens.

"Is Planet X real?" asked "Brother Stair" last night. He then gave the answer by reading a news story about the extrasolar planet, and then wrapped up his shtick by noting how "Planet X" is in fulfillment of [unspecified] Bible prophecy.

Here's the problem.

"Planet X" enthusiasts claim that there is a massive tenth planet, which some have dubbed "Nibiru," in our solar system. It has an elongated orbit that brings it around the sun once every 3600 years. It supposedly was going to cross the Earth's orbit very closely in May 2003, causing a "pole shift" that would flip the Earth upside-down and cause massive destruction.

This is precisely the story "Brother Stair" (and other paranoid "Christian" whackjobs like Pete Peters, Texe "Conspiracy Boy" Marrs and these guys) was telling before May 2003 as though it were prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. (Of course, it's a crock, and let's never mind that most of the "information" about "Planet X" also happens to have come from a nutcase of a woman who claims to be channeling aliens rom Zeta Reticuli.) Now that "Planet X" hasn't shown up to kill us all, he seems to think that evidence of a planet serenely orbiting a completely different star is evidence of a planet wreaking global destruction while on its way around ours.

This is the voice of the "Last Day Prophet of God." You gotta laugh.