December 13, 2004

We wish you a merry Chrismukkah (and a happy Eastover)

If you thought the fake holiday Kwanzaa was stupid, get ready for Chrismukkah:

Ron Gompertz and his wife, Michelle Gantt, hope that their unique holiday cards might be a way to avoid family squabbles over Christmas versus Hanukkah and open the door to understanding.

Called "Chrismukkah" cards, the message is clear: this is a time of holiday joy no matter what your faith background. "Oy Joy" and "Merry Mazeltov" are some of the messages on the cards. . . .

Gompertz is Jewish, raised in New York. His wife is a Protestant, raised in Indiana.

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Apparently, mixed-faith marriages are on the rise. So this syncretistic time calls for syncretistic holidays - having the unintended effect of insulting both original faiths equally. And with the original idea having come from an episode of The O.C., it's another silly example of life imitating television.

Gompertz and his wife have sold thousands of cards. Obviously there is still no lack of a market for crap.

But hey, what better way to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace than by celebrating the violent overthrow of Antiochus Epiphanes?