December 20, 2004

Carnival of the Reformation II

The second installment of the new Carnival of the Reformation is now up at Jollyblogger. The five-solas theme continues this time around with a discussion of solus Christus in honour of the Christmas season.

This is a smaller carnival than the more established and more general-interest Christian Carnival, so there are only about 10 or 11 entries as opposed to the 30-40 the other is getting these days. Still, judging by the descriptions, it looks like some solid meat.

My contribution was my post from a few days ago: The sufficiency of Christ. I had a hard time with the subject matter, which meant I was still writing into the wee small hours early this morning and posted a very rough draft (which bore little resemblance to the final product) just to meet the deadline. Perhaps I'm not alone in this, although I'm sure many contributors have had more experience than me writing theological exposition.

David had some kind words to say about this post and noted a percieved similarity between my methodology and that of Sinclair Ferguson, whom I have not read. Actually I got the idea from a lecture series by D. A. Carson that I attended a few years ago, as well as a book he recommended: The Unfolding Mystery, by Edmund P. Clowney (P&R, 1988). I recommend this book. It's a short, easy read, but full of meat. Clowney traces ten or a dozen themes through the Old Testament to the New, where they find their culmination in the person of Christ. This was actually the first time I had tried this approach in such depth myself - and anyone who caught the original draft of my post might have noticed it wasn't anything like that on Friday, either. It was originally a lot less cohesive, but I found that re-organizing the material, and then continuing the pattern with the third section, provided the "glue" that made the thesis work. God willing I'll be doing something similar for a related post that I want to submit to an upcoming Christian Carnival, as I did in October with a second sola Scriptura post.

Anyway, it looks like a good selection on a worthy subject. Check it out.