December 05, 2004

How moonbats think, part III

From Wizbang:

It appears that one of the Wampum authors provided the psuedo code or logic for the script hacks at Daily Kos and did so publicly and proudly at Wampum. I really don't know if the script kiddie at Kos ever saw the Wampum post, but it's just galling that a site that I have gone out of my way to promote both this year and last year would unapologetically participate (however peripherally) in what amount to a denial of service attack on the Weblog Awards site Saturday night.

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Ballot-box stuffing.

For a Web award.

It screams volumes about the character of the contemporary Left that they would engage in organized cheating over . . . what? A bit of goodwill from your fellow Netizens and the privilege of adding a little button graphic to your blogroll? Puerile.