September 10, 2004

Your (local) tax dollars at work

Evidently, Ottawa city council has nothing better to do with its time than this idiocy:

Councillor Gord Hunter is concerned the new name given to two Barrhaven baseball diamonds could make the area a magnet for neo-Nazis.

Yesterday, council approved renaming the baseball diamonds the Eagle's Nest, in honour of the East Nepean Eagles, the little league baseball team that won the Canadian championship in Brossard, Que., and then represented Canada at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, last month.

But Mr. Hunter says the name "has significant negative connotations" -- it's the same name as that given to Adolf Hitler's infamous mountain retreat.

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After all, we all know how much neo-Nazis like to hang out at baseball diamonds!

The name was chosen by the 10-year-old kids who were part of the baseball team. How many of them do you really think know what Hitler called his infamous mountain retreat? Where else would eagles live, in an eagle hole? Earth to Hunter: Get a life.