September 24, 2004

If you want to leave, take good care

The bridge of Cat Stevens' song "Wild World" seems to sum up the situation well: "If you want to leave, take good care / Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there / But just remember there's a lot of bad, and beware." In other words, Cat, I mean Yusuf, suck it up:

Yusuf Islam, the British singer formerly known as Cat Stevens, is taking legal action after he was refused entry into the US.

Mr Islam said the decision to deny him entry on grounds of national security was "very serious and wholly unfounded" and he wants an explanation. . . .

"I am a man of peace and denounce all forms of terrorism and injustice; it is simply outrageous for the US authorities to suggest otherwise."

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Uh . . . yeah. Though if you happen to be Salman Rushdie, then Mr. Stevens, I mean Mr. Islam, will denounce you and support the $6 million contract taken out on your life.