September 21, 2004

You know, there is part of me that quite naturally recoils at extremist rhetoric, such as "baby killer," when it is used by certain factions of the pro-life movement. But as World Magazine Blog points out, there are people like this in the world:

You may have heard of Planned Parenthood's controversial "I had an abortion" t-shirts. But have you heard of Abortion activist Patricia Beninato, 38, describes the site she founded in 2003 as a place "where women can share their positive experiences with abortion." Here are a few excerpts from the more than 200 stories posted there:

Patricia writes: "I have had 10 abortions, I think (believe it or not, I have lost count). I am 34 years old, and the most recent one was two weeks ago. I have never regretted any of these decisions....I met a new man who already had 2 children from another marriage. I was pregnant again within 2 months. He wanted to have a child with me and I thought about it for about 1 day, but made the same decision (at that point, I couldn’t help but thinking, if it’s ok once or twice or 10 times, why not one more?)."

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and you start wondering if hell can possibly burn hot enough for such psychopaths. I'll bet Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy wondered, "What's one more?" too.