September 27, 2004

Monday morning quid pro quo

David at Jollyblogger has officially launched the League of Reformed Bloggers, a news aggregator-slash-blogroll for bloggers who agree in principle with the great Reformed confessions of faith. Unlike some Reformed organizations, membership requirements are pretty flexible, so if you're basically Calvinist and want to join up, drop him a line. In the year since the Curmudgeon started, I haven't gone too much into the specifics of what I believe, but basically I am in general agreement with the London Baptist Confession.

I also noticed this week that I have been blogrolled by a couple of people who were outside of my usual circle of friends. Hello, and thank you! Unfortunately, with Technorati's search engine down at the moment, I can't verify who they were. However, one was definitely Belief Seeking Understanding, and the other could have been Pure Text, who both submitted articles to the last Christian Carnival that I particularly enjoyed. So even if I'm wrong, pay 'em some attention anyway; they're worth it.