October 01, 2005

Down syndrome teen killed by botched abortion

The autopsy report of a Texas teenager who died here last January reveals details of a horrific death caused by complications of a third-trimester abortion received at Women's Health Care Services at the hands of the notorious George R. Tiller. . . .

Tragically, sometime in 2004, Gilbert, who had Down's Syndrome [sic], was sexually assaulted. As a result, Gilbert became pregnant. On January 10, 2005, Gilbert was brought by her family to Women's Health Care Services for a third-trimester abortion in her 28th week of pregnancy. There her baby received a digoxin injection to the heart and she was prepared for labor and delivery of her dead child.

Gilbert was sent to her hotel. The following day, January 11, Gilbert was taken back to WHCS where the abortion was resumed and a D & C performed. She was again sent back to her hotel, which doubled as both labor and recovery room for Tiller's abortion business. This hotel was not equipped to handle the life-threatening complications that may result from dangerous third-trimester abortions. There, Gilbert's condition began to worsen. . . .

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Be sure to read the whole sordid thing, and while you do, repeat the mantra to yourself: "Safe and legal, safe and legal, safe and legal" . . .

(H/T: On the Other Foot.)