July 27, 2005

Her Royal Who?

I think I knew this already, but it turns out that the Queen is a big Whovian:

Britain's Queen Elizabeth is a massive fan of the latest Dr Who series and has reportedly ordered a DVD box set for her holiday.

She rates Christopher Ecclestone [sic] as one of the best incarnations of the Doctor and was hugely disappointed when the actor quit after his first stint as the Time Lord.

Royal aides say the monarch is also a huge fan of the Daleks and she intends to spend her holiday evenings watching the series. . . .

The monarch has followed the programme since it began in 1963 with William Hartnell as the first of nine actors to play the famous hero.

By tradition, broadcasters give members of the British royal family recordings of their favourite shows before they are available in the shops and the queen's courtiers have ordered the 13-part DVD set from the BBC.

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(H/T: The Great Separation.)