July 06, 2005

The consequence of ideas comes up and bites an MP in the rear

Apparently, an N-Dippie MP from northern Ontario got a rude awakening this spring:

Charlie Angus and Celina Symmonds had their lives turned upside down when they were told by their parish priests that they could no longer take communion because their stands on social issues conflicted with church teachings.

Angus, a New Democrat MP who represents a northern Ontario riding, ran afoul of the Roman Catholic church over his support for the federal government's controversial same-sex marriage bill. . . .

Symmonds, who once managed the now closed Planned Parenthood office in Medicine Hat, Alta., had to find another place to be married about a month before her wedding in September 2002 after her priest discovered from a newspaper article that she was pro-choice on abortion.

"I was shocked," says Symmonds. "When you grow up Catholic you grow up awaiting the day where you can walk into that great big cathedral with your husband. It's something you dream of as a little girl.

"And it got crushed within seconds." . . .

Symmonds remembers well the day when the priest's assistant phoned, and she hasn't attended church since the incident. "It hurts that you're told that you're not welcome to be a part of something that was very precious in your life,'' she said, her voice trembling.

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Awwwwww, poor babies! If their church was so "precious" to them, they should have submitted themselves to what it teaches rather than demand that it accept every sort of errant nonsense that comes into fashion. Of course, the church is not required to practice the separation of church and state, though it seems Angus and his wife want to retain the separation of church and life.

(H/T: Angry in the Great White North.)