June 24, 2005

Friday in the wild - June 24, 2005

As always, on Friday I like to showcase a few posts that I read during the week that make me think, give me a good laugh, or otherwise just stick out in my memory. I have been a bit light on blog runs this week since I've been spending my online time on other concerns, but nonetheless here's a couple for your perusal.

It's a good thing for Christ's sake that Larry King likes John MacArthur so much, because MacArthur invariably proclaims a real Gospel when he's on King's show. By contrast, James White chimes in on the squishy interview that Joel Osteen gave King earlier this week:

Can you just imagine Paul or John responding to these direct questions the way Osteen did? What a wonderful opportunity to present the awesome holiness of God, the sinfulness of man, and the unique truth of salvation through the cross of Christ, squandered out of fear of the faces of men! Just amazing.

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Yesterday I blogged about the USSC's ruling that municipalities can take land from one owner and give it to another if the latter will bring in more tax revenues. This morning I discovered that people were finding their way here from the Xanga blog of Miss O'Hara. She wonders where the faith bloggers are in all this, and makes a very good point that honestly didn't occur to me at the time: What does this mean for churches, which don't pay any taxes at all?

One thing I am finding curious is how many faith-type bloggers haven't said a word about this. I know we aren't OF the world, but we are in it, and we're supposed to make a difference and be salty and so forth. Shouldn't we have something to say? It's frightening to see that most don't care. Talk about defending those without defense - now, that is every single one of us - including our churches. Say goodbye to your cathedrals, your chapels, your little community churches; they're about to be turned into strip malls, parking lots, and office complexes. That'll be a nice change for the American landscape. No more steeples. What's that saying about never sticking up for someone . . . and there being no one left to defend you when they come for you? If you're a "Christian" and you think this does not affect you . . . well, God will forgive you. But you still need to get with the program.

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Challies.com posts the Christian Blogosphere Awards of Demerit, a tongue-in-cheek critique of a few blogging faux pas. Amongst the honored recipients: Phil Johnson for editing his published posts to death, thereby mangling all our RSS feeds, and (not surprisingly) Hugh Hewitt for still not having an RSS feed at all.

After last week's dry spell, it's good to see Google getting used for its intended purpose again:

Until next week, enjoy.