June 10, 2005

Friday in the wild - June 10, 2005

I hate writing introductions, so I just skipped it this week.

Semper Reformanda lists the ten best reasons to be a Calvinist. But judging by the comments, about half her readers are the dour variety of Calvinist. (Boo!)

(H/T: Jollyblogger gets the nod for this one.)

Miscellanies on the Gospel posts an interesting critique of the Emergent Open Source Theology site:

Surely you see the problem then in the definitions and explanations above? Though it has weathered the gale storm of postmodernism and has come out on the other side, albeit living in makeshift shelters, sitting around the campfires like spiritual refugees (not my words, but the words from the rest of the article above), the problem is still inherent within the refugees. Let me put it this way:

You can take the Emergent Church member out of postmodernism,
but you can't take the postmodernism out of the Emergent Church member.

The truth of this statement can be seen in the very way in which the Emerging Church and OST hopes to handle the gospel, the Scriptures, and theology itself. They want to rework it, redefine it, reshape it, add to it, and do everything to it that Open Source software hopes to do to programming. That's where the danger to the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ comes in.

[Read Emergent Church Movement and the Gospel: Open Source Theology]

Steve Hays of Triablogue ruminates on the tendency of "reformed Catholics" to want to vilify those horrible, dangerous, just-barely-Reformed Baptists:

There has always been some hostility in some Presbyterian circles towards their Reformed Baptist kin, and this seems to have rubbed off on the “Reformed Catholics.” Why, if I didn’t know better, I’d almost suspect that “Reformed Catholics” are trying to prove their own Reformed paternity by joining with the Presbyterians in ganging up on the Baptist end of the Calvinist continuum.

[Read Reformed Baptists and other Devil-worshipers]

On the search engine front, there are still an awful lot of people wondering how to make a lightsaber that continue to lash the blog. I think, however, that a clue is beginning to form.

Speaking of clues, this looks like someone was trying to play TriBond: buffy "pink floyd "easton ellis" [mangled punctuation sic]. I think the answer you're looking for is, "One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces." (Crusty Curmudgeon Bonus PointsTM to the first person to figure out how I came to that solution.)

Much to my embarrassment, I am the most relevant "hit" for a search on oooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Till next week, enjoy.