May 29, 2005


The 89th Indianapolis 500 is in the books, and the winner was English driver Dan Wheldon. No great surprise here; he's won four of the five races of the IRL season so far. He is, however, the first British winner at Indy since Graham Hill took the checkered flag in 1966.

But, of course, everyone's talking about Danica Patrick. Not only did she make history by becoming the first woman to lead the race, but she came back from a botched pitstop that dropped her to 16th place and then a second setback when her car was damaged, to retake the lead of the race with ten laps to go. With a splash more fuel, she could have taken the flag herself, but a fourth finish at Indy is no slouch either.

All in all, the most exciting Indy 500 I've seen since Scott Goodyear lost by a nose in 1992. (Mind you, I kind of ignored Indy for a few years until the IRL acquired some drivers people had heard of.)

P.S. to Robby Gordon: Get back into your slow car and shut your pie-hole, you hick.


Danica Patrick started 4th and inished 4th in the Indy 500.

Robby Gordon started 25th and finished 27th in the Coca-Cola 600.

The moral of the story: Stop whining and lose some weight.