May 25, 2005

Pathetic, isn't it?

At the time of writing, if you were to look at my sidebar where I list the last ten books I have finished, you'll find a whopping 2 authors represented.

Half a year ago, I declared a moratorium on all science-fiction reading for a month because my sidebar reflected only that genre, let alone a mere two authors.

Nonetheless, there's a method to the madness: one of my current library books is an omnibus edition of James Bond novels which I originally borrowed just for one of them. Howver, when I realized that all five of the novels published therein were representative of Ian Fleming's earlier stories, I decided to start reading through the entire series in order of publication. FYI, that order is significantly different from the production order of the Bond series of featue films, and goes (so far) like this:

  1. Casino Royale (1953)
  2. Live and Let Die (1954)
  3. Moonraker (1955)
  4. Diamonds are Forever (1956)
  5. From Russia With Love (1957)
  6. Dr. No (1958)
  7. Goldfinger (1959)

I haven't worked out the order of the remaining novels except for For Your Eyes Only being next. When I'm finished, I may blog a summary of some kind.

As for Peter David, I recently borrowed one of his Star Trek: New Frontier novels that happened to have all the previous ones in PDF format on CD-ROM, so I've been reading through those whenever I had my Palm on hand but not some other book, which turns out to be quite a lot of the time.

It's actually not as monotonous a diet as you might think. In fact I've been reading a bunch of other books as well, only they don't show up on the sidebar until they're finished.