May 28, 2005


Get that tinfoil out of the kitchen cupboard and start putting together helmets.

I just learned today that Constance Cumbey, conspiracy theorist and author of The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, has a blog. Titled "My Perspective - What Constance Thinks," it is

News and views of Constance Cumbey concerning "Radical Middle", New Age Movement, Communitarianism, "planetary humanism", "global governance", European Union, Javier Solana, Jeremy Rifkin, "New Age Politics, law in the USA, combined with life in general -- sometimes humorous, sometimes not!

Wanted: Someone with a B.A. in Weirdology to parse what all that is supposed to mean.

It's a relatively new blog and doesn't appear to say anything too freaky yet, so Ms. Cumbey only gets one black helicopter, at least for now. ?!