May 31, 2005

I love it when sacred cows lock horns!

And now . . . this, from this morning's edition of CBC's morning newsmagazine, The Current:

It's been called the "Magic Bean" - hailed by nutritionists as a wonderfood - it's rich in protein and apparently cuts the risks of all kinds of diseases. We're talking about the soy bean. And we’re afraid we’ve got some bad news about a food that's been called "nature's medicine."

Precisely because of these many health claims, there has been a dramatic rise in soy consumption around the world. And while soy bean producers and traders have been rubbing their hands gleefully, environmentalists are worried about the crop's popularity - especially in Brazil. Because as long as soy remains lucrative, more saws will continue clear bigger swaths of the Amazon rainforest.

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It's also well known that vegetarians are more flatulent than non-vegetarians. Eat meat: save the rainforests and stop global warming. I did my part today at dinner with a nice juicy pepper steak at Kelsey's.