November 22, 2004

Today in history

It's worth noting that November 22, 2004 is the 41st anniversary of the deaths of three important figures:

  • John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the United States
  • Aldous Huxley, author
  • C. S. Lewis, author and Christian apologist

(You can guess which figure I deem the most significant.)

Also noteworthy on Nov. 22, 1963: The first broadcast of the science fiction series Doctor Who. It was completely overshadowed by the Kennedy assassination, however, and was rebroadcast the next day.

Update: I'm not one for liturgical calendars, but it's also worth noting that today is St. Cecilia's Day. Cecilia is the patron saint of church music and fabled to be the inventor of the organ (thanks to some unfortunate interpretation of Latin).

I usually take the time on November 22 to listen to Handel's cantata Ode to St. Cecilia's Day, which sets the text of John Dryden's poem to Handel's baroque score. It isn't quite The Messiah, but it's fun.