November 29, 2004

Oh my gosh, it's not just a car, it's a Transformer!

Michael King of Ramblings' Journal has found what is now my third-favourite car ad of all time.

A new British ad campaign for French automaker Citroën uses CGI, motion capture and Justin Timberlake's choreographer to turn a C4 coupé into a giant dancing robot.

(If you're not bandwidth-challenged, Michael also links to a higher-quality video [MPEG] than the one on the corporate site.)

Scoring just above the Citroën spot: the viral campaign for the Ford Sportka in which cute little hatchbacks attack neighbourhood cats [WMV] and birds [WMV].

But the best auto ad of all time is "Cog" [QuickTime], a 2002 spot for the Honda Accord, which features no digital manipulation or clever editing, just a two-minute, real-time Rube Goldberg chain reaction of delicately balanced auto parts that took over 600 takes to get right.