November 11, 2004

Christian Carnival XLIII

is up at Digitus, Finger, & Co., and with over 30 contributions, it's a doozy.

My contribution is my response to some of the objections raised to sola Scriptura.


Admiral Quixote provides an excellent response to a "pro-choice Catholic:

I can understand your perspective on many of your points, but I do not understand your claim that abortion is not disgusting. Abortionists kill unborn babies in many ways, including poisoning them (it takes a baby over an hour to die in agony from a saline abortion), by dissecting them, and by stabbing them as they are born (partial-birth abortions). Please review one of the milder abortion picture sites, and perhaps even a video, and then tell me if you still doubt abortions are disgusting.

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Violet at Promptings takes on the wishy-washy Jesus of a Toronto Sun columnist, concluding:

Ms. Ward is right. Jesus did come to change the hearts of sinners. However, the fact that he spent time with them was not a way of saying their sin didn’t matter. Rather it was a way of showing them God’s heart - a heart that has compassion on all us sinners. A heart that knows if we are left to our devices, we’ll self-destruct. A heart that says, come to me, give your life to me, live it my way and you’ll find a satisfaction that will quench all sins’ thirsts.

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Intolerant Elle withdraws a donation from the March of Dimes because of their "moral neutrality" on abortion:

A few days ago my friend called me from jail - March of Dimes Jail & Bail fundraiser, that is. He called me at work asking for some bail money, so I told him to put me down for $10 (I know, big spender, huh?) - but I asked him if the March of Dimes was involved with abortion in any capacity. He said it wasn’t and he wouldn’t be involved with it if they were. I believe he wouldn’t be involved if he knew they were into that kind of stuff.

Today I received my bail bill from March of Dimes, and I decided to google the keywords in my ethical concern. I’m glad I did.

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What happens when sola Scriptura is ignored? Cosmo tells us what happened in one instance:

[T]he church has suffered enough of the excesses of the "prophetic" movement. There has been too much credence given to "prophets" who get it "right" some of the time, or who are off track. There is no biblical basis for this sort of leeway being given. As some-one who was heavily exposed to these errors in the past, and having seen the damage it does in the lives of Christians, I say it is time to get truthful. God does not require us to take in some-one's teaching because they might be a prophet-in-waiting. That is extra-biblical speculation. The sanctification of the Holy Spirit and the revelation of God in the scriptures are sufficient. The most helpful assistance these leaders can receive is love expressed by telling the truth. So far they have missed hearing subtlety.

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