November 09, 2004

Don't mess with a drunk moose

I have actually had a Google Alert on this subject for the last year:

A DRUNK moose staggering through your backyard and nibbling on apples fallen from your tree may sound like an amusing anecdote to tell your friends, but for those Swedes who each autumn come face to face with the angry beasts, it's no laughing matter.

An encounter with an intoxicated moose can, as strange as it might seem, leave your living room in a shambles and leave you battered and bruised if not dead.

About 300,000 moose, or elk as they're known in Europe, roam Sweden's woods. But every northern autumn at least a few of the normally timid animals end up astray, trudging out of the woods and into cities and suburbs where they gladly munch on fermented apples that have fallen from trees.

The result is an intoxicated and aggressive brute.

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Deep dark dirty secret disclosure time: Reporting drunk moose stories was what I had in mind when I originally put "silly news" in the blog description. It's actually taken more than a year for a story to show up.