June 29, 2009

Why must I always say it again?

Since Canada Day is this Wednesday, I'm going to close off the Summer of Fun 80s nostalgia trip with the obligatory Canadian Content.

I know I've got a fair number of American readers (and not a few American "friends" on Facebook), who may be familiar with a few of these songs. If the rest are obscure, rest assured they received significant airplay on Canadian radio stations in their time. Canadian broadcasting regulations stipulate that radio stations must meet a certain quota of Canadian content, or "CanCon" (30% in the 1980s, and currently 35%). The intention was to promote indigenous Canadian talent by increasing its visibility (audibility?). A good idea in principle - but for every successful Bryan Adams or Celine Dion, there were a dozen "hothouse flowers," performers that flourished under the CanCon regs but were otherwise unheard of outside of their region. Maybe when I do this again, I'll devote a week strictly to the hothouse flowers, but I believe that all five of this week's performers gained at least some exposure in the United States.

Today's song is a hard rock classic: "New Girl Now" by the Niagara Falls group Honeymoon Suite:


Nothing much more to say. I always just liked Johnny Dee's voice. Also, the video has a DeLorean in it.