January 17, 2007

I been comment spammed!

No, I realize that getting spam in blog comments is nothing unusual. This is just my first time; perhaps there is something to "security through obscurity" after all.

Today, I was hit by about 10 faux comments on the backup blog, all with a different name, all on different posts, and all with the same message: "Google is the best search engine."


It's fairly self-evident that Google isn't doing it. And it isn't advertising fake degrees, stock tips, pet food, or v1agra. So it only raises the question: Why? What could a spammer possibly accomplish through such a pointless exercise? (I guess there is the possibility that this is just one of the small things that amuse small minds.)

Not that it matters. WordPress's comment management features made short work of it. I noticed along the way that it has caught dozens of spam messages I didn't even know about, too, thanks to WP's Akismet anti-spam feature - something Blogger doesn't have.

If there is fundamental justice in the universe, the fires of hell are being fueled by the burning corpses of spammers.