January 10, 2007

CUSA/Carleton/Lifeline update

As I was passing through the bus stop yesterday, I spied the front page of 24 Hours, one of the many free fishwrap tabloids that you can pick up in Ottawa, read quickly, then leave on the floor of the bus. The headline was "Pro-life group awaits fate," and the picture was of Carleton Lifeline president Sarah Fletcher. Apparently, Carleton held the term's clubs certification meeting last night.

According to CBC, and despite the resolution passed a month ago that seems intended to target them and other like-minded groups, Lifeline's clubs status was overwhelmingly approved:

An anti-abortion group at Carleton University has officially been approved as a student club despite a new policy that bans using student council resources for anti-abortion activity.

Representatives from 32 other clubs and associations seeking student council approval at the university voted by an overwhelming majority Tuesday night to recognize Carleton Lifeline as a student club, making it eligible for funding from the Carleton University Students' Association (CUSA). . . .

The student council changed its discrimination policy in December to ban the use of its space, resources and recognition for any activity "that seeks to limit or remove a woman's right to choose her options in the case of pregnancy."

The policy was proposed after an on-campus abortion debate organized by Carleton Lifeline, where some students complained they had been harassed.

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Today's Ottawa Citizen also has the story, and notes that there was only one dissenting vote:

Ken Woolliscroft, 36, was the only student to vote against the motion to grant the group club status.

Mr. Woolliscroft, president of the Women’s Studies Society, says he voted based on his own beliefs.

Not surprisingly, Wooliscroft is the same extremist whackjob who called being pro-life "violence against women" on Facebook during the controversy leading up to the December 6 meeting.

So it looks like Lifeline wins the war. For now. Time will tell.

Update update: While I was writing the above yesterday, what should pop into my aggregator but a comment from none other than Katy McIntyre herself, commenting on my first post on the Carleton abortion controversy. She was complaining about my "rampant stereotyping." I guess these days a single blonde joke qualifies as "rampant." Whatever.