January 01, 2007

2006 post-mortem

Looking back on the last year and the blogging goals I set for myself, I can summarize my feelings in six words:

Ha ha. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Ha.

I don't even have to open up last year's post-mortem to know I didn't meet any of the goals I set.

In all fairness, everyday life always has a certain amount of randomness that long-term goal-setting can't anticipate. I certainly couldn't have predicted how a sudden career change would affect my blogging habit. Still, I don't like setting goals and then missing all of them.

So I don't intend to make any promises this year. Not any measurable ones, anyway: I've learned my lesson. So, broadly speaking, this year my goals are:

  1. to blog more.
  2. to blog more substantively.
  3. to finish the projects I've already started.
  4. to read other people's blogs more, and to revive "Fridays in the Wild" to acknowledge what I liked during the week.

What I need - and I think I've said this before - is not a lot of metrics, but a lot of self-discipline: in all areas of my life, of which the blogosphere is but one.

Lord willing, may 2007 be a blessed and prosperous year. In my fifth calendar year of public, opinionated curmudgeonliness,thank you all for your continued indulgence.