February 11, 2006

Cartoon jihadis just don't get it

"It" being Western democracy and jurisprudence, that is:

Saudi Arabia's top cleric called on the world's Muslims to reject apologies for the "slanderous" caricatures of Islam's Prophet Mohammed and demanded the authors and publishers of the cartoons be tried and punished, Saudi newspapers reported Saturday. . . .

Speaking to hundreds of faithful at his Friday sermon, Sheik Abdul Rahman al-Seedes, the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, called on the international community to enact laws that condemn insults against the prophet and holy sites.

"Where is the world with all its agencies and organizations? Is there only freedom of expression when it involves insults to Muslims? With one voice...we will reject the apology and demand a trial," Al Riyad, a Saudi daily newspaper, quoted al-Seedes as saying.

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OK, let's do that. What law have the 12 Danish cartoons broken, again? Oh, yeah. None. (Strike one.)

No problem, let's just enact laws to make insulting Islam illegal, and then we'll get them, the dirty kuffars! Er . . . no, wait, ex post facto laws are prohibited by Article 7 of the European Convention on Human Rights, to which Denmark is a signee, and the Council of Europe stands in "full solidarity" with Denmark against the cartoon jihad. (Strike two.)

Care to go for strike three, Sheik?

(H/T: LGF.)