February 08, 2006

And now . . . this - Feb. 8/06

He's a Trekker, not a Trekkie

Obsessive Trekkie Tony Alleyne has spent so much cash turning his flat into a replica of the Star Trek Voyager that he's had to declare himself bankrupt.

Alleyne spent £12,000 converting his flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire, into a detailed replica of the Voyager spaceship. The flat has its own transporter room (not functioning), blue downlights (to give the illusion of being "beamed up"), touch sensitive control screens, and portholes in place of windows. Last week he was declared bankrupt at Coventry Crown Court with debts of £166,000.

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"Get a life" (Shatner, 1987) doesn't quite cover this.

(And be sure to see Alleyne's home page (requires Flash). What a hoot!)