January 23, 2004

Which Theologian Are You?

I came across this amusing little what-xxxx-are-you quiz courtesy of the Biblical Theology Weblog. I'm not so surprised at the outcome as the fact that I guessed it correctly beforehand:

"Sin is incurable by the strength of man, nor does free will have any validity here, so that even the saints say: 'The evil which I do not wish, this I do.' 'You are not doing the things which you wish.' 'Since my loins are filled with illusions,' etc."
You are Martin Luther!
Yeah, you have a way of letting everyone know how you feel, usually with Bible quotes attached, and will think your way through the issues, although sometimes you make no sense! You aren't always sure of yourself, and you can change your mind about things, something you actually consider a strength. You can take solitude, especially with some music.