September 24, 2004

Royal Bank now a "safe place" for gays

Royal Bank of Canada employees have been "voluntold" to display little rainbow triangles on their desks (when you have to repeat the word "voluntary" multiple times, that's usually a surefire indication that it's anything but):

Tens of thousands of Royal Bank Canada employees are being asked by bank management to display the Rainbow Triangle on their work desks. In early September, RBC employees arrived at the office to find the directive on their PCs. "The RBC Safe Space (program) is a visible, non-threatening way to show that your desk, cubicle or office is a "safe place" for gay men, bisexuals, transgendered and lesbians," employees were told in the first edition of the bank’s online newsletter, Rainbow Space. . . .

"The Safe Space Program is a voluntary program that is designed to provide a non-threatening way for employees to send the message that homophobia and hostility will not be tolerated within RBC," states Rainbow Space newsletter.

While bank management claims displaying Rainbow Triangle stickers is voluntary, the inference taken from the request is that not showing the sticker could lead to hostility, demotion or job loss. In the wake of Canada’s Bill C-250, which includes sexual orientation in anti-hate legislation, there’s also the threat of a two-year prison term.

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It's good to know that the RBC is finally putting its foot down and demanding an end to the rampant and widespread practice of beating homosexuals into a bloody, unrecognizable mass of flesh when they set foot inside a corporate office. But I really do have to wonder whatever happened to tolerance policies such as, "Do your job and don't make an issue of where you put your thing, and we'll get along like a house on fire"?