September 06, 2004

Monday morning quid pro quo

Jeremy at Parableman had some supportive words about my article on Romans 12 from a couple of weeks ago, which he came across thanks to the Christian Carnival. Unbeknownst to me there had been a big discussion about God's Will a few months ago within the Christian blogosphere, not long before my own network of must-read blogs extended that far.)

My blogroll tends to reflect not merely those blogs I read regularly (of which there are dozens) but the ones that I read daily and before any others. Naturally, personal friends get preferential treatment. I've known Rand for about 7 years, ironically because he married another close friend from when I lived in Ottawa while a student. He hit the ground running a few weeks ago with his new blog a pattern of sound words. (Incidentally his wife also blogs at Peccadiloes & Penetralia.)