July 09, 2004

Travelling for the Weekend

At the moment I'm writing this from a public terminal at my alma mater.

Yesterday I travelled from Ottawa with a friend, to attend another friend's wedding tomorrow. We left Ottawa at around 10am and arrived here at 3:30. My travelling companion was invited to speak to a campus pro-life group last night, so I sat in on that meeting.

Before going to bed after a fairly long day, I took a quickie tour of UW's campus to see how much it has built up since I graduated in 1997. There are at least three new buildings on campus, including an environmental and information technology building which, for some reason, also houses a dinosaur museum; and another one dedicated to co-op education and career services. Other buildings have been expanded, especially in the Engineering faculty. The Davis Centre, with its inexplicable myriad of stools, remains as hideous as ever.

Here at the library, where I spent a lot of my out-of-class time as a student, the exterior of the building is currently under construction, as they are replacing the copper flashing around the building. The new-penny look of the new copper doesn't blend in with the concrete exterior of the building quite as well as it will once it's oxidized; the old copper still on the roof is considerably older and thus a less garish green-black. Well, give it a few years.