July 23, 2004

Those horrible, dangerous, nasty, just-barely-Reformed Baptists

It turns out, according to the "reformed Catholicism" crowd, that everybody in Christendom gets to be "Reformed" except for the Baptists:

The Reformers recognized their historical connection with Rome and the Catholic Church, whereas it seems that contemporary Evangelicalism is courting the favor and casting its lot in with a version of Christianity which lacks any meaningful sense of its indebtedness to, and continuity with, the Church of Rome. How is it that the sectarian spirit of Anabaptism has managed to invade the camp? Could it be that the ease with which Presbyterians get along with Baptists in our Evangelical culture is a sign that something is desperately wrong?

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The amazing thing to me is that the term itself was never something that accurately defined a Baptist position. In fact, it's a common joke in Presbyterian circles that the term "Reformed Baptist" is an oxymoron quite apart from any talk of Reformed Catholicism!

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Well, I guess I'll just have to go out back and eat worms.