July 22, 2004

Same-sex marriage: Surprise!

Bet you didn't see this one coming:

Barely a year after an Ontario court gave its blessing to same-sex marriage, a lesbian couple is trying to untie the knot in what critics dismissed Wednesday as little more than a judicial stunt to test the limits of Canada's divorce laws.

The pair, identified in court documents only as J.H. and M.M., were together for five years prior to their decision to get married last June, but were separated just five days later - two weeks after the Ontario Court of Appeal legalized same-sex marriages. (emphasis added)

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So it turns out that having pushed for so long for the "right" to marry (not that the union between two men or two women is, or ever will be, "marriage"), the happy "couple" couldn't stay in that blessed union for a whole week. Was it just another excuse for the modern-day pagans to mock traditional institutions and values? Does this turn of events really surprise anyone?

I'm reminded of the scene in Life of Brian where a Jewish nationalist argues for the right to have babies. The problem is, he's a man. He can't have babies; he only wants the right to have babies. "It's symbolic of our struggle against oppression," he declares. "It's symbolic of his struggle against reality," comes the retort.