September 05, 2003

Philly the Kidd rides again!

"Dr." Phil Kidd is "One of America's Most Controversial Evangelists" according to his recently relaunched Web site. Most of the controversy involves his views on the American South, as well as race relations.

  • On the former, he's all for it, and used to have his Web site festooned with Confederate flags. There was even a picture of him sporting a Confederate novelty tie and Confederate boxing gloves. Philly wisely replaced this picture with something more conventional, as it seems it finally dawned on him that the goofy get-up made him look like even more of a weiner than usual.
  • On the latter, obviously he wishes there were a lot fewer relations between the races. The former incarnation of his Web site said he was equipping "white churches," or words to that effect. His sermons are full of put-downs of blacks and Mexicans (not to mention women and animals), and he is dead-set against mixed-race marriages.

Naturally the controversy surrounding this "controversial" "evangelist" has nothing to do with evangelism. Oddly enough, neither has any of the "preaching" I have heard - hysterical shrieking, to be more accurate. Philly the Kidd's Gospel is so non-controversial that it is nonexistent.

Philly very unwisely included a guestbook on the site. Some folks on the Fightin' Fundamentalist Forum got wind of it, and it became a hotbed of debate over Philly's views. Phil has a number of sycophants who believe he can say and do no wrong, particularly on the issue of interracial marriage, which I propose to tackle in a later entry.

"Dr." Kidd and his followers comprise the most psycho element of the psycho-fundy camp - a veritable cesspool of idiocy.