March 09, 2011

Nemo theta own

I was at a friend's place last night, and we discovered that his Windows 7 laptop has speech recognition built into the operating system.

In itself, this isn't new. I believe Windows XP had this capability available, and Apple OS X has always had voice recognition at least for navigation, if not for dictation. And voice dictation was built into OS/2 Warp 4 in 1996, although it was pretty unreliable and needed a top-of-the line PC of the day to operate.

It surprised me that 15 years later, although you no longer need a bleeding-edge computer to use it, the technology doesn't seem to have gotten much better.

After getting a little frustrated trying to use the software to do something vaguely real-world (e.g. dictating a letter), we decided to have some fun and sing to the computer. This was much more fun, because we could basically just sing the lyrics naturally and not worry too much about being understood.

Here is the gobbledygook that came out of crooning 10 songs into the mike. Some of them are more obvious than others, to say the least. Can you guess what each song was? (Hint: Say the sounds out loud and listen for recognizable patterns, rather than concentrating too hard on the actual words on the screen.)

  1. Fly an aide to the Moon let me play among the stars let me see one spraying is like gone to the zoo ma as in other wounds: I’m an allusion sick baby kiss Maine
  2. Amazing grady’s of sweep those the owned that sues the rents by the Iowa and swell as long as the now owns the OS bland the Nile high as soon
  3. Super televangelist against the halitosis even though the senate is something quite atrocious if you say it loud enough these are only some precocious super televangelist against the halitosis
  4. Loans a burn and saying and it may ICS of fiery rating by loaned by while desire a cell into the ring of fire on a slough in to a button ring of fire and I went down down down the flames when the ectf added Barnes burns blooms the rating of fire the rating of via
  5. There’s an ad who Schoen all the glitz is is go out and she’s body eight and a stairway to have the wins she gets so there she knows if the store is ironic moons with the words she can get what she came Feuer
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Have fun. I'll post the answers in a couple of days.