September 16, 2010

SFFS Update: Week 1.5

Little short reading for the first half of this week: only chapters 21-24. But they were longer than the average thus far: the entirety of Jane's visit to her hated dying aunt takes up Chapter 20, for instance. Granted, it was 13 years ago, but I'm beginning to think I failed to read more of Jane Eyre than I recall.

In subsequent chapters, we learn that Mr. Rochester is to be married to the snotty Miss Ingram in four weeks. This leads to an altercation in the garden when Jane returns to Thornfield Hall, of the Slap Slap Kiss variety (sort of), and they each finally profess their Undying Love for each other. The engagement to the stuck-up Miss Ingram was all a ruse to make Jane jealous.

Then, a chapter follows of this sort of thing:

"What do you anticipate of me?"

"For a little while you will perhaps be as you are now, - a very little while; and then you will turn cool; and then you will be capricious; and then you will be stern, and I shall have much ado to please you: but when you get well used to me, you will perhaps like me again, - like me, I say, not love me. I suppose your love will effervesce in six months, or less. I have observed in books written by men, that period assigned as the farthest to which a husband's ardour extends. Yet, after all, as a friend and companion, I hope never to become quite distasteful to my dear master."

In the immortal words of Pepe le Pew: Flirt.

So four weeks' hence, Rochester and Jane are set to be married. I can't possibly see what could go wrong!