September 04, 2010

Happy 7th blogiversary

The Crusty Curmudgeon went officially online September 4, 2003. Thus, this is its 7th anniversary - meaning that while I may no longer be the most active blogger around, I can at least take some comfort in being one of the older and more longer-lived ones.

While I have no intention of giving up, obviously my attention is elsewhere much of the time these days. I'd like to think that this is just because there is so much more social media to pay attention to that wasn't around in 2003: podcasting, Twitter, and Facebook, just to name three. More stuff means less individual time for each - and like many bloggers I've found myself spending more time on Twitter than Blogger, just because it seems conducive to throwaway comments and quick links.

On the other hand, my near-moribund reading habit is experiencing a revival, so maybe there's hope for my semi-conscious blogging habit as well.

Either way, I'm not going away in a hurry. To my handful of remaining Faithful Readers: Thanks for hanging in there.

It's been my habit to revamp the look of the blog on this day. However, when I switched over to Blogger 2 last year, I discovered that it was no longer as simple as preparing a new HTML template, and there's precious little useful documentation on the current skin format. Hopefully I'll have a new skin by the end of the year - one that looks good across platforms (sorry to all you IE users . . .).