February 21, 2009

Saturday in the wild: February 21, 2009

Howdy! It's time for the weekly roundup of link love: all the stuff I found fun, interesting, and generally hard to stop reading before I was finished.

I have loved the Narnia books since I first read them in the 1970s. The First Things blog On the Square posted a great piece by Matthew Alderman about The Last Battle:

Surely you remember her. She is the second-eldest of the Pevensie children, the pretty one in the family, dark-haired, tender-hearted, and occasionally cautious to the point of being a bit of a wet blanket. In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, she is given the representative gifts of a bow, arrows, and a magic horn that summons help wherever you might be. These gifts signify her strength, femininity, and prudence.

Yet she is conspicuously absent from the roll call of Narnian heroes we encounter in Aslan’s heavenly country. She is, Aslan says, "no longer a friend of Narnia." Susan, we remember, is excluded from heaven for growing up, for liking lipstick, nylons, and parties.

[Read Whatever Happened to Susan Pevensie?]

DJP tears the Palin family a few new orifices at Biblical Christianity over that interview their teenage daughter Bristol did after the birth of her son:

When the news came out that Palin's daughter had sinned sexually, I was glad that the Palins were not taking Obama's our-grandchild-is-a-punishment-so-kill-it approach. When Pastor Doug Wilson immediately laid responsibility for Bristol Palin's sin at her father's feet, I took issue with him at length ...and I still agree with myself! . . .

Now Governor Palin does something I can't defend, and haven't the slightest inclination to defend. Palin gives her shallow, foolish, clueless, unrepentant daughter a global microphone, and lets her strike at the heart of what Palin herself professes to believe.

Be clear: Bristol Palin has accomplished nothing of global significance in her life. Nothing has earned her the spotlight. Her mother, by contrast, is a focused, excellent, disciplined woman. What's more, her mother professes to be a Christian, and has lived a life that adorns that testimony.

The only reason Bristol Palin is in the spotlight is because she sneered at God's law regarding sexuality, was found out, and is herself the child of a famous mother.

[Read Sarah Palin's stupid mistake]

Finally, Tim Challies dug up an interesting and informative list of 10 Facebook privacy settings most people probably don't know about. I'm personally of the opinion that the best Facebook security is to not put anything up there that you wouldn't want known. Nonetheless, I've made some adjustments to my account after reading this.

And speaking of social networking, I'm a late adopter of Twitter, and if you're someone I know, I'd love to find out what's going on in your life. My username is RansomOttawa. I don't tweet too often - as one online acquaintance just asked me, do we really need to know what's going on every minute of someone's life? - but feel free to follow me anyway. If you're someone I recognize, whether as an online or Real Life friend, I'll reciprocate.

Until next time, enjoy.