October 27, 2005

And now . . . this - Oct. 27/05

Who will speak for the poor, defenseless fish?

The city of Rome has banned goldfish bowls, which animal rights activists say are cruel, and has made regular dog-walks mandatory in the Italian capital, the town's council said on Tuesday.

The classic spherical fish bowls are banned under a new by-law which also stops fish or other animals being given away as fairground prizes. It comes after a national law was passed to allow jail sentences for people who abandon cats or dogs. . . .

The newspaper reported that round bowls caused fish to go blind. No one at Rome council was available to confirm this was why they were banned. Many fish experts say round bowls provide insufficient oxygen for fish.

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OK, I can believe that it's possible to tell if a goldfish has gone blind. But how can "animal rights activists" tell whether little Swishy likes or hates being in a round bowl vs. a square aquarium? Does no one in the media stop to ask these questions?

You bringee better ad, chop-chop!

An Oregon high school newspaper has refused advertising from a local restaurant run by a Korean man, because he stereotyped himself:

When John Lee designed the logo for his Cedar Mill restaurant, he opted for an illustrated cartoon he thought resembled himself: a Korean man.

But that logo, which depicts an Asian man waving an "OK" sign, is now at the center of a conflict between Lee and Sunset High School's student-run newspaper.

Last week, editors of "The Scroll" banned Lee's advertisement for the Hawaiian Grill after running it once, saying his logo stereotypes Asians and negatively portrays members of a minority group. . . .

"I think they're wrong," Lee said. "I'm Asian American, so why would I want to make fun of Asians? Why are we pushing the racial issue to the farthest extent?"

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There is practically nothing more sanctimonious than a bunch of white liberals feeling offended on someone else's behalf. Except, perhaps, for those self-righteous folks who give donations "in your name" to Greenpeace. ("Thanks! I made one in your name to Operation Rescue.")