September 16, 2005

What if the CBC went on strike and no one noticed?

Whaaaaaa? You mean it's already happening? You say it's been a month, already? No!

Here is the specific benefit that I, the Crusty Canadian Taxpayer, receive from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

  • The Simpsons daily at 5
  • Doctor Who weekly on Sunday night

I notice that these specific benefits have not been affected by the current lockout. In addition, the lack of original CBC programming means there is more time for blockbuster movies aired in prime time.

If this is what the CBC is like when there's a labour dispute on, the union can go pound sand.

Speaking of which, maybe the Prime Minister and Governor-General designate should raise the subject of sand-pounding. Michaëlle Jean (a former CBC reporter) has hinted that if the Communications Media Group were to picket her own swearing-in ceremony, she wouldn't cross the picket line. Paul Martin has also said that he does not cross picket lines.

Apparently, the CBC now runs the country, and other concerns (such as the Constitution) are merely secondary.