September 14, 2005

Mystery ad campaign

The Student Life Centre blog over in Waterloo notes a cryptic ad campaign going on at UW this week:

Throughout bulletin boards across campus, there has been a series of posters with ambiguous statements such as "27733 People" printed in large white Arial text.

In what SLC perceives to be a related poster, there are several other ads in a series that show an image of a typical student (possibly from UW) followed by text beneath it, saying:

How would you label this picture? A _______________.

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I'm willing to hazard a guess that it's this year's Campus Crusade campaign, perhaps the followup to "Do You Agree With Byron [or whatever student lent his name to your particular campus]?" (This campaign threw UW's atheists into a tailspin last fall because they were afraid that chalk drawings on the sidewalk [cleverly, albeit inaccurately, called "vandalism" by the atheist crowd] would cause their eyes to burn out of their head, or were the first step toward establishing a theocratic dictatorship, or something.) Any other takers?