August 02, 2005

Raving freaky moonbat alert

Check out this letter to the editor in the San Francisco Chronicle by a lefty moonbat, in response to a story about Hamas camps, comparing the Boy Scouts to Hamas terrorists:

Yes, it is disturbing that Palestinian children are being taught to chant "Rifle fire! Raise it up!" in Hamas summer camps.

But, hey, we've got militaristic chants going in this country for our kiddies, too. On Sunday, President Bush met with the Boy Scouts, a gathering of 50,000, at their National Jamboree at an Army base in Virginia. Among other things, he went on about patriotism and military service.

Bush's audience had been warmed up by a man wearing an Army T-shirt who, as balloons with military emblems floated about, led the children in chants of "OO-rah" and "U.S.A.!"

Looks like we've got some of our own sun, fun and indoctrination.


San Francisco


Hmmm. During my stint in the Boy Scouts, I must have missed my opportunity to get the splodeydope merit badge. I guess it would look something like this:

[Splodeydope merit badge

(H/T: Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin.)