July 22, 2005

If first you don't succeed, exploit, exploit again

They're not nearly subtle enough to pull off this kind of con, but you have to give the Church of ScientologyTM credit for persistence:

It's the belief system which actor Tom Cruise says has changed his life and made him a better man.

But the controversial Church of Scientology was criticised last week after claims it was preying on people caught up in the London bombings.

Packs of yellow-shirted believers arrived at the scenes of carnage, offering "spiritual healing" to distraught relatives - and £3 booklets titled How To Improve Conditions In Life.

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The remainder of the story recounts the author's experience at London's ScientologyTM headquarters, taking the "free personality" test and various other aspects of the cult's hard sell tactics.

This isn't the first time the cult has tried to take advantage of tragedy to recruit new suckers. After the September 11 attacks, FOX News scrolled a phone number offering "National Mental Health Assistance" - only the number was 1-800-FOR-TRUTH, well known as Scientology'sTM info line.

(H/T: Religion News Blog.)